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Ethically bred Free to roam Vegetarian family run Award winning Oven ready British breed

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We’re not selling any Turkeys in 2021. We’re giving our lovely rare flock a rest this year. We will be resuming  2022. Thank you for visiting us. Take care and have a safe Christmas, New Year and 2022.

Love from Hannah and our family

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Award winning Blue Slate Turkeys
Best Blue Turkey Award
Best Newcomer Award
Proudly providing a local Michelin star restaurant

The Woodspeen

A restaurant and cookery school, nestling in the West Berkshire countryside. Who serve seasonal dishes, inspired by homegrown ingredients. With a Michelin star, award-winning wine list and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Woodspeen Restaurant

Our Story

Roast Turkey Dinner

A Simply Perfect Roast Turkey.

Simple, perfect roast turkey. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and basted with turkey stock, the flavors of the turkey really stand out..

How to cook a turkey

How Long to Cook a Turkey.

The general rule for cooking a turkey is 20 minutes per pound, but that can vary depending on whether or not your turkey recipe calls for a stuffed or unstuffed bird..

Turkey Sandwich

Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes.

Leftover turkey (or roast chicken) is always a big problem when you no longer have a giant holiday crowd to help you eat it. Try some of these awesome leftover turkey recipes to help you make sure nothing goes to waste.


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